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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply provide us with some accurate room measurements, answer some simple questions about your project and our Online Design team will create a layout to meet your needs. Once they have created your plans, they will send you an email with 3D renderings of your new design, along with a delivered price quotation. Click Here to request the Concierge Design Service.
Assembled Semi-Custom cabinets are ‘built-to-order’ and shipped fully assembled, ready to be installed. Our trained cabinet builders adjust and fully inspect all products prior to careful packaging, to insure your complete satisfaction. Factory Assembled cabinet orders ship in 10 business days.
We offer instructions on "How to Measure" just follow the instructions or contact us and one of our kitchen designers will help.
We offer a free professional design service, you can call 866-763-9455 and one of our kitchen designers will work directly with you, to design your kitchen or bathroom.
Cabinetry bearing the blue and white KCMA seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in cooperation with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Further, this cabinetry complies with HUD (Housing & Urban Development Agency) property standards and is approved for “severe usage” applications.
The KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) Certification Program assures the specifier or user of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities that the cabinet bearing the blue and white seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and sponsored by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Further, the cabinet is an exact duplicate of samples that have been independently tested for conformance to ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2000.
Structural - 500 pound load bearing capacity
Door & drawer open/close - 25,000 cycle
Door open strength - 65 pound additional hanging weight
Finish - stain resistance to mustard, catsup, alcohol, vinegar and assorted household chemicals
Finish – 24 hour detergent/water exposure
Simply go to and click on the KCMA Performance Testing and Certification Program
'What does it mean to be a member of the NKBA', 'The National Kitchen & Bath Association has been leading the kitchen and bath industry for nearly 50 years. With nearly 40,000 members across the United States and Canada, the NKBA requires professionalism and ethical business practices from all its members.

When you buy a product or service from a business that’s a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, you know that company has agreed to be bound by the NKBA’s code of professional conduct, which requires that the company will:

1. Conduct its business in a manner that’s honorable and fair to customers.
2. Avoid conflicts of interest by accepting payment from only one party in a transaction, except with the express consent of all parties.
3. Never make false or misleading statements to consumers, employees, or other businesses.
4. Disclose all interest charges and other fees to consumers up front.
5. Help customers to understand and receive all the products and services entitled to them in the sales agreement.
6. Offer services without prejudice to age, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, or veteran status.
7. Refrain from using any questionable methods of soliciting business.
8. Cooperate with other industry members for the good of the customer.

By choosing to do business with a member of the NKBA, you’ve chosen to work with a company that’s dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for the kitchen or bath.'
Cabinets are constructed from CARB2 compliant furniture grade plywood with a hardwood face frame. Visit our Quality page for more detail on cabinet construction.
CARB2 is a certification process instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to reduce formaldehyde emissions and protect the public from airborne toxic contaminants. The CARB2 compliant seal indicates that the product’s formaldehyde levels are well within the safety limits. All Wood Cabinets are CARB2 certified and are held to the highest emission standards for indoor air quality.
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is used for painted or thermo-foil doors. MDF has similar characteristic to hardwood, but can be profiled more precisely and is much more structurally stable – which makes it ideal for the intricate paneling found in painted or thermo-foil doors. There is also less chance of door components moving, due to changes in temperature or humidity, which reduces the risk of cracks appearing in the durable painted finish.

  • Thermo-foil doors and drawer fronts are constructed from solid MDF and sealed with a durable and hygienic vinyl ‘thermo-foil’. The thermo-foil finish is a thick vinyl laminate which seals the face and profiles of the doors and drawer fronts.
  • Shaker doors and drawer fronts feature a 3” wide solid MDF frame with a flat recessed center panel of painted MDF.
  • Miter frame doors and drawer fronts feature a 2-3/4” wide solid MDF frame with a solid MDF raised center panel.
  • 9-Piece doors and drawer fronts feature a 2-1/2" wide solid MDF frame with an MDF applied molding. The raised center panels are also constructed from solid MDF.
We use a combination of solid hardwood and premium quality Medium Density Fiberboard, also known as ‘MDF’. Solid hardwood is used for our stained, raised panel doors, and the frames of our stained shaker doors.

  • Shaker style doors with a stained wood grain finish feature a 3" wide solid frame with a flat recessed center panel of veneer over MDF. This makes the center panels more precise and provides a solid base for the hand selected natural wood veneers.
  • Miter frame door styles with a stained wood grain finish feature a 2-3/4" wide solid frame with a solid raised center panel.
  • 9-Piece door styles with a stained wood grain finish feature a 2-1/2" wide solid frame with a solid applied molding. The raised center panels are also constructed from solid staves.
Our 4-sided drawer boxes are constructed from 5/8” thick solid hardwood featuring dovetail carpentry joints and a fully captured 1/4" thick MDF floor. Our top drawers provide some of the best storage out there. With a 4-3/8” deep box we beat out most of our competition. All Wood drawers glide smoothly on concealed full extension runners and feature a “soft close” shock buffer. Visit the Quality page for more details regarding cabinet construction.
All cabinets feature a durable natural birch vinyl laminate finish. Visit our Quality page for more detail regarding cabinet construction.
No. All cabinetry features a laminated exterior finish that matches the face frame. To create a more custom look, you can choose to have matching end panels which are built like a door.
You will require a continuous color-matched “Toe Kick" to give you a seamless finish.
If you require an additional cabinet, accessory or piece of molding, simply place a new order for the items you need, via the Shop Now page, and the items will be assembled and shipped to you.
You can place an order online any time of the day. Our trained kitchen designers and customer service associates are available Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.
1.In the event of an out of stock item, will contact customer and advise of out of stock status.
2.Backordered items will deliver freight prepaid and you will not incur any added delivery charges.
Wood stains and paint colors represented on this website will vary based on your monitor or device and the color, brightness and contrast settings. We strongly recommend that you order a sample door to evaluate the finish prior to placing your order.

Yes, there is an additional charge to make a cabinet custom depth. For more information please contact the design center via phone at 866-763-9455 or email
All design quotation pricing includes curbside delivery directly to your home. For more information regarding curbside delivery, see our Shipping Terms.
Your cabinetry will be delivered to your home's curbside address. This is your opportunity to check your delivery against the bill of lading and to inspect product for any visible damage. You are responsible for moving the product inside your home.
In most cases, cabinet orders placed online will ship within 10 business days of payment authorization and will deliver within 2-7 additional days.
1.The customer must receive, inspect, and sign for all deliveries.
2.If the items(s) that you purchased become damaged during shipment please document the damage with the freight company upon delivery and notify us immediately by calling 1-866-763-9455.
3.Items should be checked against the bill of lading and packing slip supplied by driver for each delivery.
4.The bill of lading indicates the number of cartons in the delivery. It does not represent the number of pieces as some items may be boxed together such as molding, hardware, etc.
5.Cartons with multiple items will have separate labels on the carton for each item included and be so labeled on the packing slip.
Any product identified and verified as a shortage will be delivered No Charge with freight prepaid. Shipment claims for missing cartons must be made within 72 hours of delivery and hidden shortage claims must be made within 72 hours of delivery.
We use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order only to complete that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.
AWF cabinets are custom manufactured. For further information on returns, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-763-9455 or email Customer Service at within 72 hours of receipt of order for instructions.
To order online follow these simple steps:

If you already have a quote from the design center, open the quote and proceed to step 8.

1. Click on "Shop" and select the cabinet style you require.
2. Click on the category you need (Wall Cabinets, Base Cabinets, etc.).
3. Find the items you need within the list and insert the required quantity.
4. For all cabinets you will need to indicate if you require finished ends and what type. This is because all cabinet sides are manufactured with an unfinished birch veneer exterior. Exposed cabinet sides, which are visible once installation is complete require a color matched end panel. The system will take you through each required step.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the remaining items in each category - you can view your cart at any time.
6. Once you have finalized your order, the final price will be displayed.
7. You can add or remove items from your cart at any time.
8. Once you are ready to purchase, click the "Checkout" button and carefully complete your delivery information.
9. Click on the Continue Button
10. Check the "I have verified that all items, pricing, shipping address and payment information listed above are correct" checkbox, click on the Next button.
Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-763-9455 or email Customer Service at
Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-763-9455 or email Customer Service at