All Wood Cabinetry FAQ's:
What are the Member Bonuses?
What is the Complimentary Concierge Design Service?
What are ‘Assembled Semi-Custom’ Cabinets?
How do I measure my kitchen or bathroom?
How do I design my kitchen or bathroom?
How can I be sure that this cabinetry will stand up to everyday wear and tear?
What does it mean for cabinetry to be KCMA certified?
What is tested to get the KCMA certification?
How can I learn more about the KCMA testing procedures?
How do I place an order online?
What does it mean to be a member of the NKBA?
What do you mean by "All Wood Cabinetry"?
What is CARB2 Compliant?
What are the doors made from?
What type of drawers are supplied in the Semi-Custom cabinets?
What is the interior finish of the cabinets?
Do I need a Finished Panel for the exposed cabinet sides?
Why do I require a separate Toe Kick panel?
What if I need to exchange a cabinet?
What if I need an additional cabinet?
What are the delivery costs?
What is Curbside Delivery?
When will my order be delivered?
What are your hours of operation?
Order Changes?
Order Cancellations?
Out of Stock?
How can I be sure that I like the color before I place my order?
If I choose to have a cabinet custom depth, will there be an additional charge?
Installation Services Available
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